Welcome to Method!   - Method Home Inspection

Welcome to Method!  

June 14, 2022

You’ve known and loved us as Urbane Fix since we started in 2015. We lead the market with better service, the best reporting, and the newest technology in the industry. To continue to change the industry, we decided it’s time to reinvent who we are, as well. Our company is changing our name to Method.   

 Why We’re Changing Our Name 

Our home inspection business is very particular and with acute attention to detail. We follow detailed home inspection and testing standards. We educate our clients on the condition of their property and advise them on steps they can take to improve and maintain their new home, which is one of the reasons we’re one of the premier home inspection agencies in the area.    

Our new name, Method, simplifies and exemplifies who we are. We felt that Urbane Fix was not as easily understandable, and it did not accurately describe us. “Method” is not only simple and easy to remember but also depicts what our business does in the best way possible. Our Method is at the core of everything we do. It is why we can guarantee that every report and every inspector will have the same feel and level of detail. We have plans for the future and this name change will allow us to grow and expand the types of services and products we offer our clients.     

Services We Offer     

As a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, our professional home inspectors not only adhere to Nachi Standards but improve upon those to include many details others leave out. Our goal is to ensure that our level of service exceeds your expectations while maintaining our commitment to providing Simple, Fast, and Accurate reports. Our client-focused approach leads us to not only present you with potential issues with your home but also provide you with solutions to address them.   

When you hire Method to inspect a home, we work with you and for you! Not only do we help educate homebuyers on their potential property, but we also will send you interactive, digital, detailed reports on the property within hours (sometimes minutes) of the completed inspection.      

No two homes are the same, and that’s why we have a variety of different tests depending on the size and age of the home. We have optional inspections and testing that include termite inspection, septic inspection, sewer scoping, water, mold, radon, lead, and asbestos testing (and more in the future!). 

Why You Should Use Method    

With over 20 years of commercial and residential contracting experience, we know the ins and outs of the business. We build our inspector training and our Method around this knowledge base to ensure the fastest, simplest, and most accurate inspection.      

Missouri does not currently require inspectors to adhere to a standard guideline for home inspections. That means just about anyone can call themselves a home inspector. Method inspectors are NACHI certified and attend hours of in-person and online training and continuing education every year.   

Our inspectors not only have the best tools to perform inspections they have the training and knowledge to use them. We went above and beyond to build our foundation with values and integrity. You can trust us to inspect your home to the highest standard available.      

Looking Forward to the Future     

Method has big plans for the future. We are becoming certified to perform more tests for home inspections and are looking to branch into other areas of testing, as well. We want to continue raising the bar for home inspections by being thorough and transparent with clients.      

If you want more updates about where Method is going, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook* or follow our Instagram. Our founder, Vince Tantone, makes videos on our Facebook page about “Home Inspection Myths” to stop the spread of misinformation and spread accurate knowledge about home inspections. We share photos and videos of what we find in homes every day. 

You can expect Method to make some big moves within the year. For any questions or to book a home inspection, you can reach us at (417) 512-2757 or through our online form*.