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What Homebuyers Want in a Home

November 29, 2022

Before putting your house on your market, you may want to consider what homebuyers are looking for in today’s market. Affordability and adequate space are some of the top contenders, but there are a few other things homebuyers want to check off their list before fully committing to a home. Some homebuyers may even choose to pass if your home doesn’t have some of these features:

#1 Ensuite Bathroom

Many homebuyers want a private bathroom. An ensuite bathroom off the primary bedroom is a must for many. These bathrooms typically include a walk-in shower, a standalone bathtub, and (ideally) two sinks with plenty of counter space. A linen closet in the bathroom to provide extra storage for towels and toiletries is a bonus. It’s not entirely necessary but many ensuites have their own toilet “room” that separates them from the rest of the bathroom.

#2 Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets are a very attractive feature for many couples buying a home—even better if there’s one for either partner! People value closet space. Walk-in closets are spacious and great for storage. They give homeowners more space to store clothes, shoes, and other belongings. Not only does it give more space, but a walk-in closet feels private and luxurious. It’s even better when these closets have built-in storage options for additional organizational opportunities.

#3 Garages

Before converting your garage into an additional living space, consider if it’ll give you the ROI (return on investment) that you’re hoping for. Many homebuyers want your house with a garage. Garages allow them to park their vehicle inside—not everyone wants to park in the driveway or under a carport. A garage’s storage space is valuable, especially if your house lacks an attic or basement. Garages give homeowners a place to store belongings like bikes, lawnmowers, and tools. Garages are a necessity for many families, so think twice before converting them to something else.

#4 Hardwood Floors

Today’s homebuyers are willing to put down more money on a home that has hardwood floors than one that doesn’t. Hardwood floors, especially if they’re original to the house and in good condition, make a home more valuable. Engineered flooring doesn’t have the same longevity and attractiveness (no matter how much it looks like real wood). Real wood floors can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. They are easy to refinish and clean compared to carpets. Most homebuyers are straying away from carpet because it’s so hard to clean and needs to be replaced every few years. Hardwood floors are also just beautiful!

#5 Dedicated Laundry Room

You may be surprised how many people become excited over a space to do laundry. Many homebuyers are looking for homes with a dedicated laundry room. Many laundry rooms include shelving or cabinets to store items like detergent or cleaning supplies. If the room has a countertop or something similar to aid in folding laundry–even better.

#6 Energy Efficiency

Who wants to spend more on bills than they have to? Homes with energy-efficient appliances or features are ideal for many homebuyers. People want to save money on energy and water costs, so energy-efficient washing machines or dishwashers are desirable. Most homebuyers also want homes with new or recently updated HVAC, water heaters, and windows! A new or recent HVAC or water heater sounds promising to homebuyers because they know they likely won’t need to have it replaced soon. New or recently installed windows are ideal because they promise better home insulation that will keep heating and cooling costs down.

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